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Lexington County DV Court
Lexington County DV Court

Lexington County has recently adopted a consolidated court process to resolve all Domestic Violence 3 rd Degree charges. This means that every DV 3 rd case in Lexington County, including cases from municipalities, will be referred to a central court and will be prosecuted by ...

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Blog posts in CDV Court

  • If You are Planning on Pleading Guilty, Do You Still Need a Lawyer?

    A lot of people feel like they need to just plead guilty. They may think that hiring a lawyer is too expensive, or that nothing can be done to help ...

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  • Charged with domestic violence over the holidays?

    No one is surprised that the holiday season results in an uptick in DUI charges . But did you know that this is also the time of year where many ...

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  • How serious is a General Sessions level domestic violence case?

    General Sessions is the name for the criminal court in South Carolina of unlimited jurisdiction. That means that it is the court designed to prosecute ...

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  • Challenging an Enhanced CDV

    A common issue in defending CDV charges is assisting clients who have been charged with either a 2nd or 3rd offense Criminal Domestic Violence charge. ...

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  • Why hoping someone won't come to court doesn't work.

    Many CDV defendants rely upon their partner or another witness not coming to court to testify against them. They beleive that because the other person ...

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  • What can be done against someone who falsely accuses you of CDV?

    Many CDV arrests are made as the result of false or unfair accusations brought by an angry partner. Just being arrested can create a significant ...

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  • If I'm guilty of CDV what can a lawyer do?

    Although many people are arrested for CDV based on false or unfair allegations, many others are arrested after they have in fact been physically ...

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  • What if the police lied in their report?

    A common issue in defending CDV cases is learning that the police report contains false or misleading information. Sometimes it even seems that the ...

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  • Take Pictures of your CDV Injuries

    Many times an individual who themselves has been injured in a domestic dispute will find themselves falsely or unfairly arrested and charged with CDV. ...

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