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Do you need aColumbia CDV Defense Attorney? Have you been charged with domestic violence in or around Columbia, South Carolina? Criminal Defense Attorney James Snell represents clients charged with CDV in the Richland County Magistrate Court. This Court hears all CDV arrests made by the Richland County Sheriff's Department.

We understand that a domestic violence arrest can happen to anyone. CDV arrests occur for a number of reasons. Police make mistakes in their investigations and the original allegations may be false or exaggerated as made during a heated argument. Frequently situations are blown completely out of control, resulting in a CDV charge. If you have been recently arrested for CDV we recomend that you read our FAQ about South Carolina CDV Law.

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It is important that anyone charged with CDV immediately take their case very seriously. You should know at the onset the following about your case:

1. First time offenders are facing jail time

  • If you violate the Court's "no contact" bond order you can go to jail
  • There is a "no drop" policy for these cases preventing your partner from asking the police, prosecutor or judge to simply dismiss your case
  • The judge is not allowed to dismiss your case prior to calling it for trial
  • The police in the Richland County Magistrate Court will be represented by an experienced criminal prosecution trial attorney;
  • The fact that you have no prior record, your partner wants the charges dismissed or there were no physical injuries are not legal defenses to your charge

2. All Defendants Should Have Legal Representation

Although CDV is a serious offense there is hope for all cases. As a Criminal Domestic Violence defense Attorney James Snell represents men and women from all walks of life fight against unfair, exaggerated and other CDV arrests. Our job is to work hard to prevent you from being branded a domestic violence criminal. As a criminal defendant we know that our clients have more rights guaranteed by the law than anyone else involved in the case including the police, judge, prosecutor or alleged victim.

In your initial conference with Mr. Snell he will review with you all possible options for your CDV case including a contested trial and pre-trial intervention (which if you complete will result in a dismissal of the charge and a removal of the arrest from your record).

3. Your rights include:

  • To seek modification of any no-contact bond restrictions keeping you from your family
  • To obtain pre-trial all materials necessary to prepare a defense and guaranteed by the South Carolina Rules of Criminal Procedure and the United States Supreme Court
  • To require the State provide your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt to each and every member of a jury comprised of non-police and non-Court personnel
  • To have a complete trial rather than a rushed traffic court style proceeding
  • To demand expungement of the arrest from your record if you are found not-guilty
  • To appeal any conviction for CDV to a higher Court

4. CDV Is a Serious Crime

All domestic violence cases are serious criminal offenses in South Carolina. If you or a loved one has been arrested for CDV you are facing substantial consequences if you are convicted. These consequences include a fine of up to $5,200, 30 days in jail, mandatory counseling, firearm ownership restrictions and a publicly available criminal record. Private and public employers in South Carolina are allowed to terminate the employment of anyone convicted of domestic violence.

South Carolina CDV Law

Our criminal domestic violence statute is codified in S.C. Code § 16-25-10, et seq. This law allows the police to arrest anyone who they believe has caused physical harm, attempted to cause physical harm or threatened to cause physical harm to spouse, current or former romantic partner.

Learn More About CDV Law

We recommend that everyone charged with CDV learn as much as they can about the criminal law and Court procedures that will apply in their case:

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Lexington Defense Attorney James Snell represents clients with charges of misdemeanor and felony domestic violence in and around Columbia, South Carolina. If you or a loved one has a case pending in the Richland County CDV Court contact his office today to receive a confidential case evaluation conducted by James Snell. There is no cost for your first appointment with our office.

Appointments can be set by calling (803) 359-3301. All appointments are scheduled at our office located at 123 Harmon Street in downtown Lexington.

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