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Why it matters what happens to your DV case.

Why it matters what happens to your DV case.

Facing a criminal charge is a big deal. Being arrested is bad, but what happens after court can be much worse. An arrest means that you have been formally accused by the government of a crime. What happens in court is that you can be convicted and sentenced. Even if you aren’t sentenced to more jail time, the conviction still can seriously impact your reputation, standing in the community, and employment prospects.

For some people this may not matter much. They already have a bad reputation, no job or only limited prospects, and they really don’t care about their situation. For others though a conviction, even for a first offense domestic violence charge, can be life-altering. If it matters to you, you need to take everything about your case very seriously. 

Attorney James Snell has been representing clients in Lexington and Columbia domestic violence cases since 2004. Over the years he’s assisted hundreds of clients resolve their case in a manner best for them and their family. In 2014 he published Challenging CDV, the book written on the topic of South Carolina domestic violence defense. That book is now in its 2nd edition, revised to include the 2015 law change that created our current system of DV 3rd degree, DV 2nd degree, DV 1st degree, and DVHAN.  

DV cases don’t go away just because the alleged victim asks. In a law review article published by the Indiana University law school, a prosecutor was quoted as estimating 90% of domestic violence victims recant.  This matches our experience, in that the majority of alleged victims don’t want to prosecute. This is why the government came up with the zero tolerance and no-drop rules. Criminal charges aren’t brought by the alleged victim, instead it’s always the state or police who pick up the charges.

If you’re facing any domestic violence arrest and you are concerned about your freedom, reputation, and family going forward, then you must consult with a lawyer prior to going to court. There are steps that can be done to minimize the risk of a conviction, and conversely maximize the likelihood of a dismissal and having the arrest expunged off of your record.

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