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Take Pictures of your CDV Injuries

Take Pictures of your CDV Injuries

Many times an individual who themselves has been injured in a domestic dispute will find themselves falsely or unfairly arrested and charged with CDV. Sometimes these injuries may be immediately visible, and the police may note them for their report or photograph. Other times they may take hours or days to develop, or the police may be too busy or simply not care enough about the case to make any record of them. Even if the police did photograph your injuries there is no guarantee that the pictures will actually be developed and kept for safekeeping, they may be lost, misfiled or not provided later to you or your attorney.

Because photographs of your injuries can be solid evidence to show a Court as to why you not guilty of domestic violence it is important that you photograph your own scratches, bruises and other marks. Make sure that you take several photographs from different angles. Have the photographs professional printed (many drug store chains can do this while you wait), and then provide them to your defense attorney.

Some advice regarding injury photography:

  • Adjust the angle that you are taking the picture and the background lighting to make sure that your injuries are visible
  • Have a clean and simple background in your pictures. You don't want the Court making judgments about your housecleaning, cigarette or alcohol usage instead of evaluating your injuries
  • Take pictures at least once a day for several days after the incident, sometimes bruises become more pronounced a few days later

High quality photographs of your own injuries can be very persuasive in court. We have had our client's cases favorable resolved using photographs our clients took. In some cases we have even had poster board size pictures made to make sure that the proper emphasis is made for trial purposes.


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