Blog Posts in July, 2013

What if the police lied in their report?

A common issue in defending CDV cases is learning that the police report contains false or misleading information. Sometimes it even seems that the police have gone as far as to actually lie or ...
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If you have been arrested for CDVHAN will you be charged with a felony?

When determining whether or not your charges are misdemeanor or felony level it is important to understand that just because you have be arrested for an offense it is not the same thing as being ...
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DSS and your CDV case

Many people are surprised to be contacted a few days after their CDV arrest by social services. Around South Carolina police agenicies are automatically forwarding copies of police reports to ...
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Determining the CDV Primary Aggressor

-A common allegation in a CDV case is one where both sides have alleged to the police that they were assaulted by the other. When this occurs the police are instructed to comply with S.C. Code § ...
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Why are woman arrested for CDV?

As a CDV defense attorney representing clients throughout South Carolina, I am seeing a steady increase in the number of woman who contact my office after being arrested. Many times the woman is the ...
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