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What is a Coronavirus domestic violence case?

What is a Coronavirus domestic violence case?

Already across the country domestic violence arrests are up 13% over last week. We’re expecting to see similar, if not higher increases in arrest rates in South Carolina.

Seasonal increases in DV arrests are common. For example, over the holidays the arrest rate rises due to couples spending more time together and an increase in alcohol consumption. But Mr. Snell anticipates that the Coronavirus will actually cause significantly higher levels of arrests. This is primarily due to the following factors:

  1. With businesses closed and travel restricted, people are spending more time at home and more time with their significant other. This leads to more opportunities for arguments.
  2. Police are going to continue to be working in full force. There will be more police manpower in the community than usual. This means that police officers responding to any domestic call will have more time to make an arrest.
  3.  Everyone is worried and stressed. No one knows how bad the Coronavirus situation is going to be or how long it will last. With everyone already on edge its easy for a routine disagreement to get out of hand.
  4. Alcohol and drug use will increase. With so many people home from work and stressed, there will naturally be an increase in substance abuse. Liquor store parking lots have been just as full as grocery stores
  5. People with mental health conditions are going to have difficulty getting treatment, and difficulty maintaining stability. Because of this mental health issues are going to create situations resulting in DV arrests.

All of these issues can create a Coronavirus domestic violence case.

The increase in arrest rates is about to run into a court backlog. As of right now area courts are essentially closed They aren’t holding any hearings or trials. Once courts open up again it will take months and months to clear this backlog. This means that it will take longer to resolve a domestic violence case than typical. This is especially true if you aren’t just planning on pleading guilty, but instead want to lift no contact restrictions or fight the charge.

About James R. Snell, Jr.

Criminal defense attorney James R. Snell, Jr., has represented over 500 individuals in Lexington, Columbia and throughout South Carolina fighting domestic violence charges. He is the author of the book Challenging CDV, which is now in its 2nd edition. This is the book on defense strategies for South Carolina DV charges. He offers free in-person consultations for those charged with domestic violence from his office in downtown Lexington, South Carolina. To schedule your appointment call 1-888-302-5840.


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