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What if you are guilty of CDV?

What if you are guilty of CDV?

Although many of my clients have been falsely or unfairly arrested for domestic violence I have represented many people who have caused serious injuries. Sometimes it is an isolated incident that just got out of hand. Other times it may be the culmination of years of unchecked anger, alcohol abuse or mental health issues. Many times they are ashamed of what they have done, and wonder what, if anything they can or should to with regard to their legal charge.

If you are someone who has been charged with CDV and feel remorseful for your own conduct, you should understand that there are things you can do to help yourself, your family, and your legal case. Being arrested for an assault on a family member can be the type of major event that counselors may refer to as "hitting rock bottom." For people who want to change it can serve as a wake up call, and mark the start of a positive transformation.

If you are someone who has a drug or alcohol problem is it time to seek counseling. Alcoholics or narcotics anonymous can be a great resource available to anyone regardless of your financial ability.

If you have unresolved mental health issues you should consult with your physician, or make an appointment with your county mental health agency. Many mental health conditions, such as bi-polar disorder, can result in people losing control of their emotions and lashing out against the people closest to them.

There are also specialized domestic abuse counseling programs operated in every county in South Carolina. My office maintains a listing of those agencies, and we are able to make referrals for our clients upon request.

There are many advantages that addressing these issues can have to anyone charged with CDV. First, you will have the benefit of improving the quality of the rest of your life. Second, your family will have the benefit of a better you. Finally, the prosecutor and court will appreciate any sincere efforts you make. This may result in reduced charges or minimizing any sentence that the court may impose. Sometimes these efforts can even result in a referral to PTI in cases where that was first thought impossible.


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