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What happens if you want to move while your CDV case is pending?

If you move or change your contact information while your CDV case is pending it is important that you notify your attorney’s office. You should also notify your bail bondsman. Your attorney ...
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Don't Ride Together to CDV Court

Most people who are charged with a South Carolina CDV offense are told in bond court that they can have no contact with their alleged victim. A no contact bond restriction means absolutely no contact, ...
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New Warrant Requirement for CDV Cases

In a recent decision, the South Carolina Court of Appeals has issued a ruling requiring that CDV 1st cases be prosecuted on the basis of an arrest warrant not a uniform traffic ticket. The opinion, ...
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What happens after you are arrested for CDV?

When the police decide to arrest someone for a South Carolina CDV charge the next several steps in their case are predictable: First the defendant will be handcuffed by the police and put in the back ...
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Arrested for CDV? Better check your Facebook account.

It seems like everyone has a Facebook account nowadays. Even CDV defendants. Police and CDV prosecutors know this and are now routinely checking up on defendants using Facebook or other social media ...
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Going back home after a CDV Arrest

A common dilemma faced by those after a CDV arrest is when the alleged victim won't leave a shared residence even though the bond court implemented a no contact order. Because bond restrictions are ...
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