How long can I wait to hire a lawyer?

Often times people are in a state of shock or disbelief after being arrested for CDV. They do not understand what has happened to them - and they are unsure if they do or do not needs to consult with an attorney. After taking the time to learn more about South Carolina's CDV law, and how CDV Court actually works, they come to a realization that they must hire a lawyer for their case.

It is imperative that if you want to be represented by an attorney for your CDV case that you contact them prior to your first Court date. In South Carolina the date written on your ticket is usually your trial - and you may not receive a continuance from the Court to give you a chance to hire a lawyer.

If I am hired before your first Court date - even immediately before and on the same day - I can usually implement procedures to obtain a continuance and obtain the necessary pre-trial discovery I need to develop a defense. Although it is important to hire a lawyer as soon after the arrest as possible, I can be retained and still provide full services as long as I am hired before you go to Court.

To discuss your South Carolina Domestic Violence case with CDV Defense Lawyer James Snell contact his office at 888-301-6004. Initial appointments in his Lexington office are provided at no cost to those arrested for CDV.

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