Young Adults and CDV

A growing trend appears to be to charge young adults or teenagers with Criminal Domestic Violence. Unfortunately if a young person is charged with CDV it can be especially damaging to them. A CDV conviction will prevent them from joining the military and can interfere with the routine background checks required by employers even for low-paying hourly jobs. CDV Convictions can also interfere with college admissions and scholarship opportunities.

It can be easy to believe that if the arrest was based on a police error or a normal situation taken out of context then the CDV Court should automatically dismiss the charge. It is never a good idea though to go to Court without first consulting with an attorney regarding your legal rights. Young people and those without any prior criminal record frequently have the most to lose since a conviction may follow them for life.

Lexington Attorney James Snell is a South Carolina Criminal Defense Attorney who represents clients charged with Criminal Domestic Violence. Initial consultations are provided to those arrested or charged with CDV who contact our office at (803) 359-3301 or our 24 hour call center at 1-888-301-6004.

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