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What is a Household Member?

Under South Carolina law in order for someone to be arrested or prosecuted for Criminal Domestic Violence (CDV) it is necessary that the alleged victim be a household member. As defined by South ...
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Spousal Sexual Battery

I have included some information on the website applicable to the charge of Spousal Sexual Battery. This is a criminal offense for allegedly raping a current spouse. It frequently is accompanied by ...
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Kidnapping and CDV

I have added some additional information concerning South Carolina kidnapping law to the website. It is not uncommon for a kidnapping charge to be brought at the same time as a CDV or CDVHAN. This is ...
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Do I Need to Hire a CDV Lawyer?

If you have been arrested for domestic violence the first decision you have to make is whether or not you are hiring a lawyer. Many times people charged with CDV have had no or only little contact ...
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Competency to Stand Trial for CDV

In order for a criminal defendant to stand trial they must be competent to do so. Competency to stand trial is a legal issue that takes into account a person's ability to understand and participate in ...
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Appealing a CDV Conviction

Under South Carolina law those convicted of CDV have a right to appeal their case. Appeals from CDV 1st convictions obtained in the Magistrate or Municipal Court are taken to the Court of Common ...
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