James R. Snell, Jr., is a South Carolina Lawyer representing clients in Aiken South Carolina and all surrounding areas charged with criminal domestic violence (CDV) or felony criminal domestic violence (CDVHAN).

Individuals charged with criminal domestic violence anywhere in Aiken County face stiff penalties if they are convicted. Just because you or a loved one has been arrested though does not mean that a conviction is automatic. You have important right and options as to how your case will be resolved. This may be through either negotiation (such as a counseling and diversion program where your charge will ultimately be dismissed) or through a contested trial.

First time CDV offenders in Aiken are at risk of severe penalties including high fines and jail time. Penalties for CDV range from a maximum of 30 days for a 1st offense misdemeanor charged through up to ten years for a felony CDVHAN charge. Additionally those just arrested may face a no contact bond order preventing them from moving home or returning to their family.

In Aiken County CDV arrests may be made by the Aiken County Sheriff's Department or officers associated with the surrounding towns including Burnettown, Jackson, New Ellenton, North Augusta, Perry, Salley, and Wagener.

Aiken South Carolina CDV cases will be prosecuted in one of several courts located in the county. This listing includes:

Aiken County Bond Court (can bond all levels of CDV)
420 Hampton Avenue, North East
Aiken, South Carolina 29801

Aiken County General Sessions (CDV 2nd, CDV 3rd & CDVHAN)
109 Park Avenue
Aiken, South Carolina 29802

Wagener Magistrate (CDV 1st)
108 Main Street, North
Wagener, South Carolina 29164

Kalmia Mall Magistrate (CDV 1st)
1680 Richland Avenue, West, Suite 70
Aiken South Carolina 29801

Savannah River Research Park Magistrate (CDV 1st)
227 Gateway Drive, Suite 133
Aiken, South Carolina 29803

Monetta Magistrate (CDV 1st)
567 Columbia Highway North
Monetta, South Carolina 29105

Graniteville Magistrate (CDV 1st)
50 Canal Street, #14
Graniteville, South Carolina 29829

Aiken County Magistrate Court (CDV 1st)
435 Wire Road
Aiken, South Carolina 29801

City of Aiken Municipal Court (CDV 1st)
251 Laurens Street, North West
Aiken, South Carolina 29801

Town of Salley Municipal Court (CDV 1st)
230 Pine Street, North West
Salley, South Carolina 29137

Town of Perry Municipal Court (CDV 1st)
1075 East Railroad Avenue North
Perry, South Carolina 29137

North Augusta Municipal Court (CDV 1st)
400 East Buena Vista Avenue
North Augusta, South Carolina 29481

Jackson Municipal Court (CDV 1st)
106 Main Street
Jackson, South Carolina 29831

Burnettown Municipal Court (CDV 1st)
3144 Augusta Road
Burnettown, South Carolina 29851

If you or a loved one has been arrested for domestic violence or any other serious crime in Aiken County you are invited to call our office at (888) 301-6004. There is no charge to meet with us to discuss your case.

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